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The Four Stages of China’s CLL Industry

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China’s CCL industry has experienced four stages. Currently it is the leading stage for large enterprises. 

CCL is the main raw material for PCB manufacturing, and its development history is synchronous with the PCB industry. From a global perspective, CCL has been in development for a hundred years since the beginning of the 20th century. Since 1955, China has been working on the development of related technologies for CCL. It has gone through four stages, namely, the early stage of innovation (1955- 1978), preliminary development stage (1979-1985), large-scale production stage (1986-1994), and the large-scale enterprise leading market stage of the current stage of rapid development of CCL industry with the global PCB industry shifting to mainland China (1995-present). 

The Four Stages of China's CLL Industry

In 2017, the output value of China’s rigid CCL reached US$8.037 billion, accounting for 66.2% of the global total. 

CCLs have different classification methods according to different classification criteria. According to the structure and structure, they can be mainly divided into rigid copper clad laminates, flexible copper clad laminates and special copper clad laminates. Among them, rigid copper clad laminates are mainly used in communication equipment, household appliances, electronic toys, computer peripherals and other products; flexible copper clad laminates are mainly used in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, notebook computers, automotive electronics, office automation equipment, Instruments, medical equipment, aerospace, defense and other fields; special copper-clad boards are mainly used in IC carrier boards, high-speed digital, RF wireless, space, testing and so on. 

In recent years, due to the shift of the global PCB industry to mainland China, CCL has also shifted to the mainland. However, due to the large gap between China’s PCB technology and the United States, Japan and other countries, the development of China’s CCL is mainly concentrated in high-end and low-end products. Such as rigid copper clad laminate or flexible copper clad laminate, especially rigid copper clad laminate. The data shows that in 2017, China’s rigid CCL production was 446 million square meters, accounting for 71.36% of the world; the output value reached 8.037 billion US dollars, accounting for 66.21% of the world. China has become the largest market for CCL, with an absolute leading edge. 

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The Four Stages of China's CLL Industry

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