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The metal forming job, the robot will help you do it!

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Metal forming processing is usually associated with high labor intensity, noise pollution, metal dust, etc. The work is simple and boring, and it is difficult for companies to recruit people. The integration of industrial robots and metal forming machine tools can not only solve the problem of enterprise employment, but also improve processing accuracy and safety, and improve processing efficiency.

From September 21st to 24th, at the 2016 China International Metal Forming Exhibition, fanuc, the world’s leading industrial robot manufacturer, will unveil its metal forming industry solutions with robots for high-efficiency forging, bending, machine tool loading and unloading, and laser cutting. Let the metal forming work safely and boldly to the robot!

Time: September 21-24, 2016

Venue: C28, Hall E1, New Hall, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing.

  • Exhibit 1: Robot automated forging. The automated forging system composed of R-2000iC, M-710iC and M-20iB robots can efficiently realize bar sorting, heating furnace feeding, and roughing. Robot automated production of forging/precision forging handling, cooling, trimming and loading and unloading processes.FANUC casting special robots have corresponding models from 3Kg to 700Kg, and have IP67 environmental tolerance performance.
  • Exhibit 2: Robotic Automatic Bending System M-20iA robot is equipped with 2D vision and adopts the latest developed bending software package to realize intelligent and automated sheet metal bending production. The position of the actual workpiece on the robot gripper is obtained through the iRVISION 2D vision system, and the robot motion trajectory is compensated and corrected according to the deviation of the workpiece position and the difference of the individual shape.
  • Exhibit 3: Robotic machine loading and unloading The automated system composed of the LR Mate 200iD robot and the ROBODRILL small machining center realizes the intensive processing of automotive connecting rod workpieces. The 3D Area sensor vision system automatically recognizes the workpiece and assists the robot to automatically grab the workpiece in the two material frames. The robot is seamlessly connected with the ROBODRILL CNC system, which can realize a wider range of automation applications.
  • Exhibit 4: Laser cutting of robot high-strength steel B-pillar M-710iC robot hand-held laser cutting head Laser cutting tool realizes three-dimensional shape and small round hole cutting on automobile B-pillar stamping parts. The 2-axis joint-type cutting tool improves flexible production and can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting.

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