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The most beautiful pedestrian bridges around the world

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Scale Lane Bridge, Hull, England

With a shape reminiscent of an apostrophe, the Scale Lane Bridge provides a unique mode of transport across the River Hull. Pedestrians are able to ride on the swing bridge as it opens to accommodate river traffic. Designed by the architecture firm McDowell+Benedetti, the black steel structure features an installation by artist Nayan Kulkarni, which also serves as an alert when the bridge is in motion.

 The most beautiful pedestrian bridges around the world


Ponte Segunda Circular, Lisbon, Portugal

Designed by Maximina Almeida and Telmo Cruz of MXT Studio, this footbridge stretches across the Second Circular Road in Lisbon and creates a network of connections for pedestrians and cyclists. The distinctive orange passage is constructed of steel, and the arrangement of the spans was inspired by the farm paths that used to crisscross the local landscape.


Peace Bridge, Calgary, Alberta

Completed in 2012, architect Santiago Calatrava’s Peace Bridge spans the Bow River in Calgary, connecting a residential community with the downtown area. The partially enclosed helical structure features a central bike lane with pedestrian paths on either side and is painted red and white, colors that also appear in the Canadian and Calgary flags.


The Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel, Mont Saint-Michel, France

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes designed this passage to the medieval French city of Mont Saint-Michel, located off the coast of Normandy. Linking the mainland to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the structure includes the nearly half-mile-long pedestrian bridge and a slightly longer causeway used for shuttles.


Luchtsingel, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Connecting the north and center districts of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the Luchtsingel was designed to stimulate development and economic growth in areas that had become neglected. The quarter-mile-long pedestrian bridge, devised by the Dutch architecture firm ZUS, was financed by the city and a crowd-funding campaign. The wood structure is lined with planks bearing the names of the sponsors.


Merchant Square Footbridge, London

Knight Architects designed the cantilevered bridge across the Grand Union Canal in London. The deck is formed of five steel beams, which are raised in a motion resembling the unfolding of a Japanese fan.


Butterfly Bridge, Copenhagen

Designed by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, Copenhagen’s Butterfly Bridge consists of three segments connecting the banks of the Christianshavns Kanal. Two of the steel spans can be raised independently or together, forming the shape of a butterfly.


Melkwegbridge, Purmerend, Netherlands

Located in the city of Purmerend and designed by NEXT Architects, the Melkwegbridge separates pedestrians and cyclists on two levels. An archway of steps curves above the lower deck, which can split to accommodate boats traveling on the Noordhollandsch Kanaal.


Webb Bridge, Melbourne, Australia

Architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall collaborated with artist Robert Owen on the design of the Webb Bridge in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. The new ramped, steel-lattice structure links a decommissioned railway bridge to the south bank of the Yarra River, providing access for pedestrians and cyclists.


Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen

Inspired by the form of a series of ships moored next to each other, artist Olafur Eliasson’s Cirkelbroen spans Copenhagen’s Christianshavns Kanal. Five circular platforms—each with a “mast”—are joined to create the 129-foot-long pedestrian and cyclist passage, which was completed in 2015.

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