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The production and process of stainless steel U tube

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The production and process of stainless steel U tube

 Stainless steel U tube is made using bending equipment and is often used in industry, machine tools, and boiler heat exchangers and other scenarios, where it is more commonly used is heat exchanger U tube.



In fact, people used to be more commonly used is the copper heat exchanger tube, but with the accelerated development of modern industry, the medium used in the heat exchanger tube is no longer just hot water, there may still be corrosive liquids, so the copper tube is not resistant to corrosion and oxidation is no longer applicable.


At the same time, because the stainless steel material with resistant to air, steam, water, and other weak corrosive media and has the advantages of stainless steel, so people choose the stainless steel tube instead of copper heat exchanger tube.



The surface of the stainless steel U tube is generally polished and pickled. After precision polishing, it can reduce the roughness of the tube wall and improve the anti-scaling performance.


MT produces stainless steel U tube corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, no lead, no harmful substances precipitation, bending angle error is very low, and the wall does not allow cracks, delamination, folding, heavy skin phenomenon.


In general, excellent performance and high-cost performance, if you need, welcome to consult the order.



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