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The Selection Of Heavy Storage Shelves.

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Steel plate in life is a very common material, a very wide range of USES. It is very bulky, so storage becomes a problem. Because there are not many heavy storage shelves of steel plate, enterprises that have not purchased steel plate shelves do not know which type of warehouse shelves can meet the load demand of steel plate.

It is tray type shelf above all. Pallet rack is a kind of heavy storage rack, which has very low requirements on the weight and specification of goods, that is to say, if the goods are not very exotic, you can consider using pallet rack storage. For example, the length of many steel plates is more than 2 meters, each floor is intended to put 3 tons of weight, the tray rack is perfect.

The Selection Of Heavy Storage Shelves.

The second is the use of cantilever shelves. Cantilever rack is also a kind of heavy storage rack, which is very different from the pallet rack. Cantilever type shelves are also column pieces and cantilever composition, suitable for long strip goods. The cargo is placed on the cantilever, with a single arm bearing less than 1 ton. Steel plates like those over 2 meters long can be stored with cantilevered shelves, depending on how much each floor weighs. If it’s more than 2 meters long and you put 5 tons in each layer, then the cantilever has to be very high and dense. That makes it more expensive. If it is about 2 tons per floor, the cantilever shelf can be easily harnessed.

The Selection Of Heavy Storage Shelves.

The above two kinds of heavy storage shelves are more used for steel plate storage, cantilever type shelves are recommended for long length, and tray type shelves are recommended for heavy steel plates within 3 meters in length, which is not only convenient for storage but also more cost-effective in price.

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