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The structure of the roll

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Figure 1 Plane roll structure Figure 1-roll body; 2-roll neck; 3-shaft head (cross-shaped shaft head); D-roll body diameter; d-roll neck diameter; d1-shaft head outer diameter; L-roll body Length; l-roll neck length; l1-shaft head length; d2-shaft head inner diameter

The roll is an important part of the rolling mill, and it is the main tool for direct metal processing. The quality of the roll is related to the quality of the rolled material. The length of the roll life is related to the productivity of the rolling mill. All rolls are composed of a roll body (the working part for rolling), a roll neck (a supporting part in a bearing) and a shaft head used to transmit torque.

The shaft head should correspond to the type of the connecting shaft and be made of flat head or plum blossom head. Figure 1 is a structural diagram of a flat roll with a cross shaft head that uses a plum blossom connecting shaft to transmit torque.

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