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The use of trench covers

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Trench covers are a vital consideration in street works projects. Their primary role is to protect both members of the public and indeed the workforce from sustaining any injury does to open work trenches.


Features of trench covers

Trench covers are lightweight rigid panel to safely cover excavated trenches. They made of fiberglass composite materials and they hand cutouts standard and rope handles. It is  great for cemetery, gas line, telephone and cable works.

Moreover, it doesn’t require machinery to handle.However,it can be used for pedestrian traffic only, not for vehicles.Trench covers can be supplied in any span size or with different grating specifications which differ from above, please enquire.

Easily handled by men and lightweight.Another benefit of trench covers that they are very portable and durable.This durability is seen as trench covers are not affected by water, temperature or chemicalspports pedestria.Trench covers also won’t chip, peel or rot and it is very easy to clean and store.



The use of trench covers

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