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Throughout the History of Copper Foil V

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Copper foil accounts for a small proportion of Chinese copper consumption

Unlike other copper materials, copper foil is facing a situation of short supply, mainly because of the development of new energy automobile industry, increasing 

the demand for lithium copper foil, and the production of standard copper foil factory (higher processing fee) The overall shortage of copper foil.

From the data of the proportion of copper foil production in recent years, the annual output of lithium foil copper foil accounted for only 5.98% in 2011, and the 

proportion in 2016 increased to 20.20%. Before 2016, the development of China’s copper foil industry Mainly benefited from the steady growth of the PCB industry 

(from the PCB industry’s annual compound growth rate of 10% in recent years and the annual compound growth of 8% in the domestic copper foil industry), and 

basically meets this conclusion) and the development of 3C lithium battery field. 

Throughout the History of Copper Foil V

From the perspective of subdivision application, the growth rate of electronic circuit copper foil has declined year by year from 2013 to 2015. In 2016, the industry 

recovered and the growth rate increased. Lithium copper foil benefited from the development of traditional 3C lithium battery during 2012-2015. The growth rate 

remained at around 30%. Although the growth rate declined in 2015, with the development of the power battery industry with higher demand for copper foil (3C 

battery requires about 0.08 million tons of copper foil per GWH, power battery The demand is about 0.1 million tons, and the unit demand has increased by about 

12.5%. In 2016, the growth rate has once again increased to about 40%.

Therefore, it is expected that with the explosive growth of the domestic new energy automobile industry, the rapid development of the lithium battery industry will

 be promoted. As one of the important components in the lithium battery, copper foil will grow rapidly with the development of the lithium battery industry in the 


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Throughout the History of Copper Foil V

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