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Ultra fine diameter inner grooved copper pipe

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As one of the refrigeration and air conditioning advocate, precise copper tube for air-conditioning industry maintained diameter between of 7 mm to 9 mm for a long time. With the sharp fluctuations in the price of copper raw materials and considerations to reduce the cost, and it is studied that pressure performance will be enhanced with the reduction of the diameter of the pipeline. In the promotion of the International Copper Association, the air conditioners begin the development of miniaturization, lightweight, energy efficient and environmental friendly direction. 5 mm diameter copper tube appeared and quickly occupied the market, the product added value is 40%~50% higher than the 7 mm copper pipe of year 2012.


Ultra fine diameter inner grooved copper pipe



In order to further promote the miniaturization of air conditioning, to deal with the fierce market competition, the Golden Dragon group applied science and Technology Research Institute began to develop 4 mm diameter inner grooved copper pipe, finally achieved satisfactory results after two years of hard work and persistence. The technical results not only fill the gaps in the domestic, but also further enhance the research and innovation capacity of our country in the field of refrigeration precision copper. Improve the international status of the manufacturing industry of China’s inner grooved copper pipe.


According to the research data, in the case of the evaporator pressure and bottom wall thickness remains unchanged, it can improve the pressure bearing capacity of more than 20% due to the outside diameter decreases, the safety performance will be greatly improved. At the same time, the reduced diameter of 1 mm will effectively reduce the consumption of copper more than 20%~50%. At present, the Golden Dragon Group is the only company with production capacity of 4 mm diameter ultra fine inner grooved copper pipe with annual production volume more than 500 tons, increase corporate profits for the Golden Dragon Group 10 million RMB yearly.

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