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Uses of electroplating zinc

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Electro-galvanizing is rolled by a cold tandem rolling unit and then annealed by a CAPL unit before entering the electro-galvanizing unit. After surface cleaning and electroplating, phosphating, passivation, oiling, fingerprint resistance, alloying and other treatments can be performed according to different uses. The mechanical properties of the resulting product refer to the corresponding substrate. Product grades and standard application grades are applicable to standard substrate standards and grades Q/BQB420 General use SECC Q/BQB 430 SPCC Stamping use SECD Q/BQB 430 SPCD Deep drawing use SECE Q/BQB 430 SPCE Fingerprint resistance use SECC N2 SECC N4 BJZ 434 SPCC Surface treatment classification Surface treatment type symbol Usage description Phosphating treatment P Phosphate treatment for painting is mainly used to prepare the surface of the steel plate for further painting, and can also prevent white rust on the surface Passivation treatment C Chromate passivation treatment is generally used The main purpose is to prevent the product from producing white rust during transportation and storage. O The pre-treatment and coating oiling treatment is mainly to prevent the product from producing white rust. Fingerprint resistance. N. For electrical appliances, improve fingerprint resistance and corrosion resistance. Note: Surface treatment mark Can be arbitrarily combined with grades, such as SECC-P, SECD-N, SECE-O, etc.

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