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What Are The Advantages of Copper Pipes in Daily Life?

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The copper tube is hard, non-corrosive, high temperature resistant and high pressure, and can be used in various environments. The disadvantages of many other pipes are obvious compared to this. For example, galvanized steel pipes used in residential buildings in the past were very rusty. When the use time is short, there is a problem that the water turns yellow and the water flow rate is small. The strength of some materials at high temperatures also drops rapidly, posing an unsafe hazard when used in hot water pipes. The melting point of copper is as high as 1083 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the hot water system of the copper tube is negligible.
The main advantages of copper tubes: Copper tubes combine the advantages of metal tubes with non-metal tubes. It is harder than plastic pipe and has high strength of ordinary metal (the strength of cold drawn copper pipe is equivalent to the strength of steel pipe with the same wall thickness); it is more flexible than ordinary metal, has good toughness and high ductility, and has excellent vibration resistance and Vibration resistance. Impact and frost resistance.
Copper tubes can withstand extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures. The range from -196 degrees to 250 degrees is large and the temperature changes drastically. Due to the long-term use and drastic changes in temperature, performance does not decrease and aging does not occur.
The linear expansion coefficient of the copper tube is very small, 1/10 of the plastic tube, and is fatigue resistant. When the temperature changes, it does not cause excessive thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in stress fatigue cracking. These features make the copper tube very beneficial for cold area applications.
Biological studies have shown that E. coli in water supply can no longer continue to multiply in copper pipelines; after entering the copper pipeline for 5 hours, more than 99% of the bacteria in the water are completely killed.

The copper tube structure is very dense and impervious to water. No matter harmful substances such as oil, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays can pass through, polluting water bodies. In addition, the copper tube contains no chemical additives and will not suffocate by burning and releasing toxic gases. Copper recycling is environmentally friendly and a sustainable green building material.

What Are The Advantages of Copper Pipes in Daily Life?

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