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What are the current high-end automotive materials?

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Nowadays, the relatively wide range of materials used in automobile manufacturing are generally high-strength steel and Aluminum Alloy. Public relations can also be used as a gimmick for automobile safety and lightweight design. But in fact, there are cutting-edge technology materials such as magnesium Alloy and carbon fiber in terms of new materials.
Strength steel is now mainly used in body frames, chassis and other places. It is alloy steel with high yield strength and tensile strength. With the emphasis on automobile safety and the development of automobile materials, high-strength alloy steel plays a role in automobile safety. The role of the player is becoming more and more important.
Aluminum alloy is mainly for car lightweight design considerations, but many aluminum alloys have higher performance than traditional steel when the quality is reduced than traditional steel. They are used in automobile body panels, engines, steering wheels and other places. The Indians were the first to apply aluminum alloy to automobiles. In the late 19th century, they used aluminum alloy for automobile crankcases.
Magnesium alloys are now partly used in automobile manufacturing, but they are not as widely used as aluminum alloys. One of the important reasons is related to the properties of magnesium. Everyone may know that magnesium is a very active metal, and it reacts fiercely with water. This makes the production and transportation of magnesium alloys extremely difficult, and in many cases there is a danger of burning or even explosion.
Carbon fiber is now mainly used in racing cars and high-end luxury cars. Its light weight and high strength have become his distinguishing characteristics, but it has not been widely used now, mainly due to the limitations of his production cost technology. But I think that today’s carbon fiber is in the same situation as the previous aluminum alloy, and it is also due to cost, technology, etc., which restricts its wide range of applications. However, today’s aluminum alloy has been used in more and more areas, which is safe for cars. , Performance and other aspects have made great contributions, a few years later, carbon fiber will also develop, just like today’s aluminum alloy.

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