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What Goods Can a Sea Container Hold?

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In fact, most of the goods can be transported by sea in containers, only a few are not suitable.According to China’s “provisions on the development of China’s container transport several issues”, the goods suitable for containerization are 12 categories, namely, electricity, instruments, small machinery, glass ceramics, handicrafts, printed matter and paper, medicine, tobacco, wine, food, daily necessities, chemicals, needles, textiles and hardware.

What Goods Can a Sea Container Hold?

Which goods can’t be transported by container sea?

1. Fresh goods. For example, live fish, shrimp, because sea transport is longer than other modes of transport, fresh goods will deteriorate in the process of transport if they are transported by container.

2. If the weight of the goods exceeds the maximum load-bearing weight of the container, such goods cannot be transported by sea in containers.

3. The cargo of extra large size cannot be transported by container. Some large accessories are too high and too wide.

What Goods Can a Sea Container Hold?

4. Containers are not for military transport. Units or military enterprises handling container sea transport, according to the business transport. Military transport using self-provided containers shall not be handled in accordance with the conditions of container transport.

In the transportation of containerized goods, in order to ensure the safety of ships, cargoes and containers, appropriate containers must be selected according to the nature, type, volume, weight and shape of the goods. Otherwise, not only for some goods can not be shipped, but also because of improper selection and lead to damage.

What Goods Can a Sea Container Hold?

Containerized cargo the selection of containers can be considered as follows:

(1) clean goods and dirty goods: general cargo containers, ventilated containers, open top containers and reefer containers can be used;

(2) valuable and fragile goods: general cargo containers can be used;

(3) refrigerated goods and perishable goods: refrigerated containers, ventilated containers and insulated containers can be used;

(4) bulk cargo: bulk cargo containers and canister containers can be used;

(5) animals and plants: choose livestock (animal) containers and ventilated containers;

(6) heavy cargo: open top container, frame container and platform container are selected;

(7) dangerous goods: general cargo containers, frame containers and reefer containers can be selected.

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