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What is a bollard?

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A bollard is a short post designed to guide traffic and protect from vehicle intrusions. Bollards can be manufactured and installed to withstand significant vehicle impacts, but they can also be used as visual barriers. Many bollards also contribute decorative elements to complement building and landscape designs.

History of use

Throughout history, bollards have been used in many applications, including road or boundary markings, mooring posts and hitching ties. While most fastening applications have largely disappeared, bollards are still used to manage vehicle traffic and protect pedestrians, buildings and landscapes.

Visual barriers

Bollards create clear visual barriers for drivers, helping to direct traffic and prevent access to restricted areas. When used properly, bollards regulate vehicle traffic while ensuring clear sight lines and efficient pedestrian flow.

Physical protection

Bollards can be installed to withstand high-impact vehicle collisions. Steel pipe security bollards are made from structural grade steel and are designed to be embedded and reinforced with concrete. Security bollards are ideal for sensitive locations such as building entrances, pedestrian areas and exposed utilities—where safety and security are especially important. Decorative or utility covers will also ensure security bollards are visible and/or provide decorative appeal.

Decorative ornamentation

Decorative bollards and covers contribute to the visual quality of a building or landscape. They feature stylish designs to complement the shape, texture, color and weight of a building in its surrounding landscape or community neighborhood. Decorative bollards can reinforce planning and design—and can also help increase cohesion with nearby buildings and the surrounding neighborhood.

Specialized applications

Removable, retractable and collapsible bollards: Bollards can be installed with versatile mounting systems that allow them to be removed, retracted or collapsed. These bollards are ideal for locations with changing access needs, varying seasonal applications or day-to-day parking requirements.



What is a bollard?



Bike parking bollards: Bike parking bollards are designed to accommodate bicycle storage and segment vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Standard bollards can be modified to accommodate bike parking by equipping them with bike-locking handles. Bike parking bollards are ideal for dense urban neighborhoods and integrated communities.

Light bollards: Lighting fixtures can be installed in bollards to increase visibility in pedestrian areas for dark or low-light conditions. Solar energy panels and internal energy management systems ensure lights are automated to maximize energy efficiency and require no additional wiring or conduits.

Quality bollards

Buildings and landscapes should be designed not just for decoration and functionality, but also for long-term use with minimal maintenance. Bollards should be made from top-quality materials to ensure minimal wear and corrosion—to keep them looking their best for years to come.

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