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What is the Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Frame and Steel Frame?

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When it comes to bicycle frames, many riders will have questions. I don’t know what kind of material bicycle frame is the best for you. Faced with a variety of frame materials, it is difficult to find a frame that is really suitable for you.

For many riders who often ride long distances, it is not easy to find the material of the frame that suits you. Because the requirements of the long-distance frame are relatively high, not only the material requirements of the frame, but also the performance requirements of the frame. Long-distance riders who ride long distances tend to make a lot of tangles in steel and aluminum alloys.

The frame determines the comfort of the bicycle to a large extent, and determines the durability of the bicycle. When riding long distances, comfort and performance, which one should we choose?

The difference between steel frame and aluminum frame

Everyone knows that the steel frame, many bicycles on the market of several hundred yuan are made of steel frame. Of course, when we are riding long distances, it is not an ordinary steel frame, a good steel material. The frame price is about 3,000 to 10,000 yuan.

Perhaps many riders have questions, why choose steel frame, steel frame is not only price is not close to the people, but in terms of weight, but far less than aluminum, why not directly choose aluminum frame ?

The weight of the bicycle is naturally as light as possible, but for a long-distance ride, light is not the main reason. The comfort of the bicycle is the main one. When riding long distances, only the riding experience is comfortable. This will be more beneficial to our next journey.

What is the Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Frame and Steel Frame?


Steel frame, the weight is its shortcoming However, the steel frame is superior in quality, the steel frame is often its own impact resistance, not only that, steel frame The deformation ratio is also very good, greatly increasing the comfort of riding.

Since the deformation ability of steel is excellent, when riding, especially bumpy roads, it can well buffer the bumps generated by the ground, and it is well protected for the rider itself or the bicycle itself.

Aluminum alloy

Many entry-level bicycles on the market are basically aluminum alloy frames. The bicycles that sell for around 1,500 are basically made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloys are naturally a weight advantage for steel frames.

The aluminum alloy frame is lighter in weight than the steel, and the price of the good aluminum alloy is better than that of the good steel. The aluminum alloy frame is far less deformable than the steel material. Rack.

Due to its poor deformation ability, the frame made of aluminum alloy can easily directly feedback the impact of the ground to the handlebar of the bicycle, or directly transmit the vibration generated by the ride to the rider directly. Buffer, this is the shortcoming of aluminum alloy.

The comfort of steel, or the lightness of aluminum alloy, has its own advantages. As for the specific choice, it is still necessary to choose according to your actual situation and actual needs, because only the one that suits you is the best.

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