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What is the Production Process of Copper Relief ?

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The copper relief is a high-grade handicraft developed and produced on the basis of excavating Chinese ancient culture and art. The product is made of high-quality copper which is not corroded or decolored, and is refined through multiple processes. Fine workmanship, vivid image, strong three-dimensional sense, simple and elegant style, vivid picture. She is completely different from the stamping, casting, corrosion and other technologies used in the production of traditional metal handicrafts, avoiding the drawbacks of traditional handicrafts such as easy damage, easy deformation, easy discoloration, easy distortion, heavy work and environmental pollution. It is very decorative and collectible.

The picture framed by the copper embossed screen is a selection of copper embossed pictures. The frame is made of precious mahogany and is hand-crafted. The product is the perfect combination of copper embossing and mahogany craftsmanship. It is famous for its precious materials, exquisite materials, exquisite workmanship, high ornamental value and collection value. It is the pride of modern screens.

What is the Production Process of Copper Relief ?

Embossed murals, screens Used to block wind or obscured utensils, often with calligraphy and painting. It is changed by the word “screen”. The screen appeared in the week of 3,000 years ago as a special instrument for the emperor, as a symbol of status and power. After continuous evolution, the screen is used as a windproof, partitioning, and concealing function, and it plays the role of embellishing the environment and beautifying the space, so it has been passed down to the present and has been derived from various forms of expression. Today’s screens are mainly divided into screens, screens, hanging screens, table screens, etc. Among them, large screens can show the noble momentum, which is the first choice for living rooms, halls, conference rooms and offices. It can be freely placed and moved according to the needs, and complements the indoor environment. It complements each other and becomes an inseparable whole of home decoration, showing a harmonious beauty and tranquil beauty. In the past, the screen mainly played the role of separating the space, but now it emphasizes the decorative side of the screen, which not only needs to create the effect of “separation without separation” but also emphasizes its own artistic effect. It combines practicality and appreciation into one. It has both practical value and a new aesthetic connotation for the screen. It is definitely a handicraft product with great national traditional characteristics.

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What is the Production Process of Copper Relief ?

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