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Which city in China is better for CNC development?

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Long, the Pearl River Delta is so easy to find a job!

1. Market demand for CNC talents

In developed countries, CNC machine tools have been widely used. There is a big gap between my country’s manufacturing industry and the international advanced industrial countries. The CNC machine tool rate is less than 2%, and the current limited number of CNC machine tools in my country (most of them are imported products) are not fully utilized. There are many reasons. The lack of numerical control talents is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. Because numerical control technology is the most typical and most widely used integrated technology of electromechanical and optical integration, my country urgently needs a large amount of research and development to use and maintenance. Level of technical personnel.

The demand for CNC talents is mainly concentrated in the following companies and regions:

  •  – State-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, especially military industrial enterprises and major national equipment manufacturing enterprises with good economic returns. The military manufacturing industry is the main application target of my country’s numerical control technology.
    Hangzhou Power Generation Equipment Factory cannot recruit CNC operators with a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan.
  •  – With the rapid development of the private economy, in my country’s coastal economically developed areas (such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong), the supply of CNC talents exceeds demand, mainly in mold manufacturing companies and auto parts manufacturing companies.

The annual salary of a mold technician with CNC knowledge has reached 300,000 yuan, which is more than a “doctor”.

2.The knowledge structure of CNC talents

There are two main sources of various numerical control talents in the front line of production: one is the graduates of mechatronics or numerical control technology application in universities, higher vocational and secondary vocational schools. They are very young and have different levels of English and computer. Application, mechanical and electrical basic theoretical knowledge and a certain amount of hands-on ability, easy to accept the challenge of the new job. Their biggest flaw is the craft experience that the school is difficult to provide. At the same time, due to the narrow division of the professional courses of school education, it is still difficult to meet the requirements of some companies for the integrated talents of processing and maintenance.

Another source is to select personnel from the company’s existing employees to participate in medium and short-term training in CNC technology at different levels to meet the urgent needs of the company for CNC talents. These personnel generally have the technological background and rich practical experience required by the enterprise, but most of them are graduates of traditional mechanical or electrical majors at all levels, and their knowledge is relatively narrow, especially for computer application technology and computer numerical control. The system is not well understood.

For CNC talents, there are the following three levels of demand, and the knowledge structure required to master is also different:

1. Blue-collar layer

Numerical control operation technician: proficient in mechanical processing and numerical control processing technology knowledge, proficient in the operation and manual programming of numerical control machine tools, and understand automatic programming and simple maintenance of numerical control machine tools. Suitable for organizational training in secondary vocational schools. Such personnel are in high demand in the market and are suitable as CNC machine operators in the workshop. However, due to its relatively simple knowledge, its salary will not be much higher.

2. Gray collar

  • 1) CNC programmer: master the knowledge of CNC machining china technology and the operation of CNC machine tools, master the design and manufacturing expertise of complex molds, and be proficient in three-dimensional CAD/CAM software, such as uc, ProE, etc.; be proficient in CNC manual and automatic programming techniques; It is suitable for the organization and training of higher vocational and undergraduate schools. It is suitable as a CNC programmer in the design department and process department of the factory. Such personnel are in high demand, and are especially popular in the mold industry; the salary is also high.
  • 2) CNC machine tool maintenance and repair personnel: master the mechanical structure and electromechanical joint adjustment of CNC machine tools, master the operation and programming of CNC machine tools, and be familiar with the characteristics of various CNC systems, software and hardware structures, PLC and parameter settings. Proficient in the mechanical and electrical debugging and maintenance of CNC machine tools. Suitable for engineering and technical personnel in plant equipment department. The demand for such personnel is relatively small, but it is very difficult to train such personnel, the knowledge structure requirements are very wide, the ability to adapt to CNC-related work is strong, and the accumulation of a large amount of practical experience is currently very scarce, and the salary is high.

3. Gold collar

CNC generalists: possess and proficient in the comprehensive knowledge required by CNC operation technicians, CNC programmers, and CNC maintenance and repair personnel, and have accumulated a lot of practical experience in actual work and have a wide range of knowledge. Proficient in the mechanical structure design of CNC machine tools and the electrical design of CNC systems, master the electromechanical joint adjustment of CNC machine tools. Can complete the selection of CNC system, the design, installation, debugging and maintenance of the electrical system of CNC machine tools. Can independently complete the CNC transformation of machine tools. They are the sought-after talents of enterprises (especially private enterprises), and their remuneration is very high. Suitable for undergraduate and higher vocational school organization training. However, it is necessary to provide special training measures and the guidance of famous teachers to promote their talents. It is suitable to serve as the technical person in charge of an enterprise or the electromechanical design supervisor of china CNC machine tool product development in a machine tool factory.

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