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Why Do you Want to Choose Aluminum Profiles for the Frame?

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Today we will give you a variety of flexible applications for aluminum profiles.

First of all, let me introduce why the frame is now made of aluminum profiles, and the aluminum profiles have been surface treated with anti-oxidation treatment. In the post-processing, there is no need to do any surface treatment. If the steel structure is welded, it will be polished and polished to the professional paint factory. The pre-painting process includes: degreasing, washing, descaling, neutralization, washing, phosphating, drying, especially the strict environmental protection requirements of the country. Some small factories are shut down and have a great influence on the metal baking paint industry, so now almost In all kinds of industrial automation and non-standard mechanical equipment racks, aluminum alloy profiles are used as the main frame. The stability is good and easy to install. It can be assembled easily with several right angle pieces, and the aluminum profile section has grooved strips for mounting. The cover plate is made of 8mm double-sided MDF, aluminum-plastic plate, sheet metal, acrylic plate, PC board PVC, etc. These can’t be done in steel structure design. The aluminum profile is flexible enough to meet any mechanical design and is not available in steel.

Why Do you Want to Choose Aluminum Profiles for the Frame?

The precision is very high, which is irreplaceable for steel. The straightness of the aluminum profile has strict requirements in the extrusion process. The steel is rough in extrusion, especially in the steel for the carriage on the conveyor line. After the debugging phase, it is no longer possible to move. Especially in high-precision mechanical phone frames, the straightness is very high. If the straightness is not enough, it will directly affect the performance of the manipulator.

Another characteristic of aluminum is its good corrosion resistance, light weight and good electrical conductivity.

If you want to build a large production line, its cost is often in the millions and ten million yuan, and some projects are hundreds of millions of dollars, there are certain requirements for the mechanical life. Because of the dust, the atmosphere also contains corrosive gases, such as sulfur-containing atmosphere, so steel is prone to rust in this environment, and aluminum alloys do not have to be careful about these problems.

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