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Why is Copper Cire Tinned?

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Copper wire is a must-have product in life. Today we mainly talk about why copper wire is tinned? What are the benefits of tin plating and so on. I believe that everyone will have a new understanding of the copper wire. 

The tin plating of the copper wire prevents the insulating rubber from sticking, the core is black and brittle, and the solderability is improved. Tinned copper wire is mainly used as rubber insulated mineral cable, flexible wire, flexible cable and marine cable as the conductive core, and as the outer shield braid and brush wire of the cable. Therefore, tin-plated copper wire can prevent redox reaction and produce patina; it can increase heat dissipation; it can improve conductivity and improve wire performance. 

Why is Copper Cire Tinned?

The tinned copper wire will have its own characteristics: it is electroless plating, the surface of the appearance is bright, the color is uniform, and there are no abnormalities such as tin removal, black spots, cracks, burrs, yellowing, and tin slag. It can be used for electroless tin plating on copper, brass, beryllium copper and other copper alloy surfaces. The tin plating layer is bright silver white, which can increase the weldability and decoration of copper, does not affect the conductivity, and can be used in the electronics industry, furniture appliances, food packaging. etc. Anti-oxidation, increase the appearance of copper workpiece, the product is non-toxic and no heavy metal, the salt spray test does not rust for more than 45 hours. No need for electroplating equipment, just soaking, convenient and simple, can be plated with thick tin.

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Why is Copper Cire Tinned?

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