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Why is the comprehensive property of titanium bar so strong?

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Titanium bar is a kind of special metal, it is small in density and light in weight, but very high in strength, and strong in corrosion resistance, it will not be black like silver, at room temperature for life to maintain its own silver white tone. Titanium has a high melting point and is often used in aerospace. Military precision parts. In the chemical reaction, strong corrosion agent "wang shui" can devour silver, gold, so that the so-called "stainless steel corrosion", however, "wang shui" is helpless to titanium, in "wang shui" soaked in titanium for several years, still brilliant! Stainless steel is also added to the titanium metal and acid and alkali resistance.

Why is the comprehensive property of titanium bar so strong?

Titanium is stable in air at normal temperature. Because titanium has the density is small, the strength is big, the density is only half of steel and the strength is about the same as steel, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics, titanium alloy strength is higher than steel. Titanium has the name of "space metal", in -253℃~500℃ such a wide temperature range can maintain high strength and mechanical properties unchanged. Since the 1950s, the proportion of the aerospace is increasing, titanium alloy is made of rocket engine shell and artificial satellite, spacecraft must material.

Titanium plates have a unique use for medical professionals. When titanium is in contact with a substance, no chemical reaction occurs. In other words, because of its high corrosion resistance and stability, titanium will not affect its essence after long-term contact with human beings, so it will not cause human allergies. It is the only metal that has no impact on human vegetative nerve and taste. Titanium is also known as the "biophile metal". In a few months, the bone will grow in the thread between the splint and the nail, and the new muscle will be wrapped around the splint. This "titanium bone" is just like real bone, and artificial titanium bone can even be used instead to treat the fracture.

At room temperature, titanium keeps its own tone unchanged for life. Its unique silver gray tone is high polishing. Mercerization. Inferior light has very good expression, it is except precious metal platinum, gold outside the most appropriate jewelry metal, often use in foreign contemporary jewelry design. However, due to the high requirements of titanium processing technology, it is difficult to mold it with ordinary equipment, and it is difficult to weld it with ordinary tools, so it is difficult to form a production scale. Titanium metal quality of a material is lightsome however all the more firm, it is the jewelry material that international upper class goes up, go up in model design, extremely brief and clean cut, height of design sex and low-key avant-garde style, get young white-collar esteem highly.

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