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A Coca-Cola division agrees to sub-contract

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One of Coca-Cola’s largest bottling companies; CCHBC (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Atos, which will see Atos take over the development and management of CCHBC’s key IT applications. 
The partnership is very much a mutually beneficial agreement with both sides likely to reap the rewards. Atos will be able to further expand their Food and Beverage sector through their access to one of the world’s biggest brands, whilst CCHBC will be able to gain access global innovation and expertise. 
Atos has stated it wants to establish a Global Center of Expertise for its Food and Beverage sector making it easier to provide service to clients worldwide. Alain Brouhard, Business Solutions & Systems Director at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, said: “We are looking forward to our partnership with Atos and are confident it will contribute to further improve the IT services provided to our business partners internally in Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Furthermore, we count on Atos’ experience and expertise to ensure better and faster access to new technology solutions as well as to facilitate us in leveraging market trends and Opportunities.”
Ursula Morgenstern, Global head of Business & Platform Solutions, at Atos added: “This is an important deal for Atos and we are proud to include CCHBC as one of our clients. We are absolutely committed to continuing the excellent service that InfoPartners has been providing and are delighted to welcome 423 employees, who join us today. We will work with CCHBC to ensure we are aligned to their business 

A Coca-Cola division agrees to sub-contract

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