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A high speed rail from south-west China to Laos… it’s happening

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Plans to go ahead with the production of a Railway from Kunming of China to Vientiane of Laos have been finalized, with the end goal being for the line to eventually stretch through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as well, this agreement is just the beginning of a Chinese mega plan to improve the infrastructure links throughout Asia. The scheme has been labeled as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ project. 
Initially the project was scheduled to have begun several months ago with Vientiane, the capital of Laos, hosting a ‘ceremony’ to celebrate the agreement of such a vast project with their powerhouse neighbor, however, problems with Laos carrying out an official ‘Environmental and Social impact study’ has led to the banks of China delaying proceedings.
Another delay is the reallocation of land owners in places where the railway is required to exist, many investors who heard about the plans have bought land in the anticipation that the Government will have to buy it back, and how right they were. Similar problems are being encountered in Thailand where the cross-country train between China and Thailand is supposed to have started construction by now. 
Nevertheless, China remain insistent that sooner rather than later the construction is going to begin and it will create much smoother transportation methods between the East Asia countries. 

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