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Bluetooth-connected insulin pen?

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Emperra GmbH, a diabetes medical company located in Germany, is claiming to have designed and created the worlds very first Bluetooth operated Insulin pen, named the ESYSTA BT Pen. 
As with everything in the world now, ‘there is an app for that’ and this Bluetooth pen can function with any Apple or Android phone, so long as you have the correct app downloaded. The insulin can be provided by any of the big names in the industry due to high-tech adapters.
The app can identify which pen is being used, the basal or the bolus, therefore reducing the chance of confusion for the consumer. Not only does this pen make life easier for the consumer but it makes life for the nurses comfortable who no longer have to rely on some ‘forgetful’ patients because the figures will be getting recorded automatically, thanks to the Bluetooth function. 
It is believed that such high-tech and pioneering software is going to allow doctors from around the world to solve complex issues that might have once been too complicated to do so, thanks to the unadjusted data that will be provided by the ESYSTA BT pen. 

The CEO of Emperra claims that the “Digitalization of diabetes management is a simple and reliable solution”, who is to argue with him if it brings more accurate recordings and better analysis of patients? 

Bluetooth-connected insulin pen?

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