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A new and unique style of football pitch

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A collaboration between London-based architect AL_A and popular UK consulting engineer group has led to the design of a potentially revolutionary style of football pitch. It is a modular system that will enable 

carbon fibre football pitches to be straightforwardly stored and then erected onto locations such as large events or derelict sites. 

AL_A says the idea is to allow the game to retain an “urban flavour”, adapting to the number of players, from three-a-side upwards, on awkwardly shaped sites.

Although it is primarily made and designed with the view to allowing recreational football matches to take place, it would also be suitable for things such as fitness classes and general sporting events that just 

require an open space with a good surface. 

The pitch entails huge diversity, in addition to catering for multiple sports; it can be used at a multitude of locations. For example, when the World Cup or other big football events take place, there are thousands, 

if not millions, of people who are desperate to have a ‘kick about’. However, it can also be used in space that is not being utilized. For example, if the council is waiting for a property developer to snap up a bit

of land but this is taking more than a few weeks, then due to the ease of erection and removal, the pitches can be used for just a couple of weeks. 

                                                                   A new and unique style of football pitchAL_A notes that “London suffers from a chronic lack of space for sport. Children no longer play in the streets as they once did and adults who want an informal game after work are frustrated by a lack of spaces

 and by high costs for what is available.” 

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