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Advantages of stainless steel sheets

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Stainless steel sheet is thin metal ‘sheets’ of stainless steel up to 6mm thick. While sheets of stainless steel over 6mm do exist, they are called stainless steel plate. Sheet is available in a variety of grades and finishes. For details of our available finishes, please see the Stainless steel sheet section on our website.



Advantages of stainless steel sheets




Plant Equipment

Often used in the construction of process equipment for manufacturing other products. Uses go from tanks through to ute trays to assembly line machinery.


Decorative and Construction Uses

Commonly seen in elevator doors and on escalators, but it can also be used to create decorations or ornaments on grand buildings. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it a good material for these purposes.


Consumer Products and Medical Equipment

Another versatile use is in consumer products and medical equipment. Medical equipment often uses stainless steel sheet to maintain a sterile and ‘stainless’ environment. In consumer products, stainless steel sheet is commonly used in kitchen appliances, and often as bench tops.

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