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Air duct flangeless connection technology tends to be widely used at home and abroad

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In China’s ventilation duct industry, according to traditional domestic construction techniques, angle steel flange connections are used to connect pipe sections between air ducts. Due to the complicated angle steel flange connection process, the angle steel is cut, welded, drilled, and painted with anti-rust paint. , large material consumption, time-consuming and labor-consuming, inconvenient on-site processing, difficulty in lifting and other shortcomings. This traditional construction technology can no longer meet the current requirements of construction and technology. Since the air duct joints without flange connection are generally simpler than flange connection , and together with the joint auxiliary parts, it is light in weight, simple to make or can be produced in batches using standard parts, which not only saves a large amount of steel, but also greatly simplifies the construction process and improves productivity. There is also a very important point that there is no flange connection. The sealing performance of air ducts is also better than that of flange-connected air ducts, so flange-less connected air ducts are more and more widely used internationally, and their forms are developing more and more.
There are currently dozens of flangeless connection forms for air ducts, and new forms are still emerging. However, according to their structural principles, they can be divided into five types: socket, insert, bite, iron flange and hybrid connection. Flangeless connections are mainly used for air ducts with smaller side lengths. There are C-shaped insert connections and S-shaped insert connections. For the flangeless connection technology of rectangular air ducts, the use of plug-in and common-plate flangeless connections during the production process of ventilation ducts can be understood as the following two points:
1. TDC plug-in flangeless connection uses two sets of rollers of a plug-in bite machine to process the flange into C-shaped edges and S-shaped edges according to the mutual rolling forming principle between the rollers. This form of plug-in type Flangeless is only suitable for straight section connections of rectangular air ducts. Usually small-sized air ducts or air ducts with side lengths within 630 mm can all be processed with C-shaped edges to increase the strength of the air duct connection. One thing worth noting is that because the S-shaped edge connection is inlaid, the air ducts at both ends are prone to size differences. Special attention should be paid to the size when making. The interface of the C-shaped edge must be in the center, otherwise Excessive gaps will cause loose and unstable connections, while too small gaps will cause difficulty in assembly and many other inconveniences. The interfaces of the air duct sections must be sealed with sealant.
2. TDF common plate flangeless connection is to use two sets of rollers of the common plate flangeless combination machine to form flanges on both sides of the air duct itself according to the mutual rolling forming principle, and then through the flange corner code and The flange clamp is a hook code that connects two sections of air ducts. This connection method is mainly suitable for rectangular air ducts with side lengths between 300 and 2000mm. This machine directly rolls and processes the air duct to form a flange. , which greatly improves the strength of the air duct, strong sealing, and beautiful and neat appearance. It not only replaces the traditional angle steel flange connection and simplifies the tedious processing technology, but also improves labor efficiency and reduces the load on the air duct and flange itself. and weight, which facilitates production, processing and installation at the construction site.
In terms of air leakage performance testing of rectangular air ducts with flangeless connections, both plug-in flangeless connections and common plate flangeless connections have reached the duct air leakage levels of the People’s Republic of China GB50243-2002 “Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction and “Acceptance Specifications” standards.
Jiangyin Sanben Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise approved by the Jiangyin Science and Technology Association of Jiangsu Province. The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, China, in Huaxi Village, the “No. 1 Village in China”. Specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of ventilation duct products, and related duct engineering supporting products. After inspection, the air leakage volume of the air ducts connected to the TDF and TDC flange machines produced has reached the standards of the People’s Republic of China GB50243-2002 “Construction and Acceptance Specifications for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering” and the European standard DW/143 “European Air Conditioning Contracting” Association Construction Standards.

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