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Aluminum Profiles are Used in High-speed Rail "New"

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In China, high-speed rail travel has become an irreplaceable and important way of travel.

The “Revival” is a Chinese standard EMU with complete independent intellectual property rights, which is led by the China Railway Corporation. Behind the success of the Revival is the constant exploration of technology and materials. Dynamic safety, operational comfort, longevity and difficulty of maintenance will all have new challenges, which puts higher demands on the strength, fatigue performance, light weight and processability of materials. With the continuous development of research work and the wide application of new materials and new technologies, high-speed rail has become a business card of our country and has been praised all over the world.

Aluminum Profiles are Used in High-speed Rail "New"

Aluminum profiles are the best materials for high-speed rail to achieve lightweight. The density of an aluminum alloy is about one-third that of a steel, and an alloy formed by adding a certain element has a higher strength than a steel alloy. Therefore, while the strength rigidity meets the safety requirements of the high-speed rail car, the use of aluminum alloy can greatly reduce the self-weight of the high-speed train car. In general, an aluminum alloy used in a high-speed

Rail car is about 10 tons, and the weight of the entire body is 30%-50% less than that of all steel.

The lightweight of rail trains, especially the high-speed rail and double-deck passenger cars and the weight reduction of subway trains are the central issues in the modernization of rail transport, and the large use of aluminum alloy materials is the most effective way to improve vehicle lightweight.

The construction of high-speed rail trains is accelerating, and it is expected to increase the consumption of 2.26 million tons of aluminum profiles in the next five years. In addition, urban infrastructure construction and rail transit are vigorously expanded, and the aluminum profile market is also considerable.

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