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Apple granted permission to sell energy from solar farm

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In hugely positive news for the international fight against global warming, Apple, the largest IT Company in the world has been granted permission to sell energy from their $850 million solar farm in California.

Although questioned by a number of environmental and energy experts, Apple anticipate that the power generated from their farm is enough to energize 60’000 homes in California. Not only is it positive news with regards to the energy created by Apple but hopefully it will be an instigator for further large businesses to follow suit and also invest in renewable energy.

Do not fear though, this is not another money spinner for a multinational organization who can overcharge the consumer for a necessity, at the time of authorization, energy officials in Washington DC said that Apple could sell their energy at ‘market-based rates’ meaning the pricing will remain competitive.

Now they have received authorization, it should probably be expected that Apple will further invest into the renewable energies industry by buying more solar farms in which to sell energy from, which can only be good for the planet and the global fight against environmental changes, although perhaps not such a good thing for competitors when facing the introduction of a global phenomenon such as Apple. 

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