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BuildTech Asia 2016 in Singapore

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Buildtech Asia in 2016, on 18 to 20 October 2016 Singapore EXPO Hall 3, 4 & MAX Atria.
The exhibition, which presents various companies machinery and construction equipment, hosted coincides with the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW), 2016.

BuildTech event brought together developers, architects, consultants, contractors, and suppliers in one place to exchange ideas related to development productivity, productive new technologies, 

best practices and success stories.

About 150 companies participated in the exhibition Buildtech Asia 2016 will showcase a wide range of productive technology, building materials and architectural solutions and completion of quality, 

along with an exhibition of goods of various companies machinery and construction equipment, to more than 6,000 visitors from Asia and the rest world.

Guest contributors are welcome at the Alloy Wiki.It is a weekly wiki and guide on alloy information and processing technology, while also about the vast array of opportunities that are present in manufacturing. Our team of writers consists of a Machining Material Supplier / Machinist / Tool and Die Maker, a Biomedical Engineer / Product Development Engineer, a Job Development Coordinator / Adjunct Professor, and a President and CEO of a manufacturing facility. Buildtech Asia 2016 aims to equip contractors and architects with new insights on the methodology of construction and intelligent building.

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