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Can Aluminum Foil Also Be Used as Tape?

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Yes, the foil tape is similar to the ordinary wide transparent glue that is common in our lives.

Aluminum foil tape is mainly used for shielding electromagnetic signals, because it is widely used in electromagnetic shielding of electronic products such as notebook 

computers and LCD monitors. Shielding electromagnetic interference not only has a good effect on the electronic transmission signal, but also isolates the damage 

caused by electromagnetic waves to human health. So, in fact, the aluminum foil tape is always around us, but we can’t see it.

Can Aluminum Foil Also Be Used as Tape?

Like ordinary transparent plastic, aluminum foil tape will deform and become soft when it encounters high temperature or low temperature, so the magical people have 

come up with a way to invent low-temperature aluminum foil tape. This tape has good weather resistance and low temperature resistance. It can maintain excellent 

performance in a complex climate, especially at low temperatures. The quality is unchanged, the shape is unchanged, and the viscosity and adhesion are maintained at 

a first-class level.

In addition, there is a composite aluminum foil tape that is highly resistant to fire and flame. This tape is made of a unique and advanced technology, made of aluminum 

foil mixed with fiberglass cloth, silicone release paper, and then made of high-performance coated flame retardant acrylic adhesive, generally used for air conditioning. 

Engineering air duct system, insulated and fireproof insulation nail piercing and perforation seal.

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Can Aluminum Foil Also Be Used as Tape?

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