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Characteristics of Arc Cross Wedge Rolling Mill

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The main advantages of the arc cross wedge rolling mill are simple structure, lighting weight and low equipment cost. Compared with the roller cross wedge rolling mill, it only needs to drive one roller. It can save the part of converting one transmission into two co-rotating gear splitters (forks called gear seats), as well as universal joint shafts, phase adjustment mechanisms, etc. Compared with the plate rolling mill, it has no idle stroke and inertia load during round-trip, so the productivity is high and it can produce 10 to 25 (pairs) products per minute. However, this type of rolling mill has the following disadvantages:

(1) Due to the planetary motion of the rolled piece, it is impossible to apply a guide plate. The rolled piece is easily skewed and stuck during the rolling process, especially asymmetric and complex parts. In addition, the product accuracy is also difficult to control.

(2) One of the wedge-shaped molds has an inner arc shape, which is very difficult to process and manufacture.

(3) The process adjustment of the rolling mill is difficult, especially the adjustment of the radial direction and the bell mouth, so the process is not easy to stabilize. Since this type of rolling mill has the above-mentioned serious shortcomings, it is rarely used both at home and abroad. Mainly used for the production of products that are small in size and simple in shape.

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