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China’s Increase in Use of Electric Cars

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Currently today, China is the leading sector of electric cars. For the past year, there has been a large increase in demand for electric cars within the country. Clean energy is starting to become extremely popular within car buyers. This year, 27% of car buyers are considering purchasing electric vehicles while 25% are interested in plug-in hybrids. Consumers are also drawn to the idea because of the battery production of these electric vehicles. 90% off China’s e-mobile market consisted of locally produced lithium-ion cells that help make up the battery. It is expected that the price off the lithium-ion cells will drop in the future. One of the biggest demands among the consumers is producing a longer battery life for the vehicles. Car consumers want to start gearing towards e-mobility and they believe that in the long-run, the market will shift towards energy vehicles.

China is the leading country in producing the most exhaust. In order to address this issue, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) along with the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) have implemented emission standards. Through the years, there have been adjustments to the standards making them stricter. By the year 2020, all light-vehicles on the road will adhere to the “China VI” emission standards. These regulations that have been imposed have lead to the increase in sales of electric vehicles, which have also helped domestic producers raise their competition.China’s Increase in Use of Electric Cars


Owning an electric vehicle has its many benefits which show why consumers should purchase these vehicles. As the years go by, and if the vehicle is used to its ability, owning an electric car is actually cheaper to run as well as maintain. Maintaining an electric vehicle mainly includes the brakes, tires, and suspension. Electric cars require little servicing and lack the exhaust systems, motors and radiators that are used in other vehicles. Of course, the battery of the vehicle will need to be changed, but batteries are estimated to last well over 6 years.

By purchasing an electric vehicle, you are also choosing to reducing the harmful air pollution that is produce from the exhaust. Also, owners have the choice of using renewable energy such as solar power to recharge their vehicles. By doing so, you are further helping out the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Now, many electric vehicles are made up of recycled metals and plastics. 

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