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Containers used for student housing

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In what is one of the best uses for a container we at Shanghai Metal have seen, Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) has designed 15 studio apartments, split across 9 different containers. The studios are going to be let out to students and have been funded and created by start-up developer, Urban Rigger. 
Perhaps the most impressive thing about the development is the location, which is at Copenhagen’s harbour, a place that many people believe to be under-developed. So, not only are the containers sustainable, they are also utilising space which has very limited use for any other form of development. The idea has come about amid a serious shortage of student housing throughout Europe, Urban Rigger predict that a further 45’000 homes are going to be needed in Copenhagen by 2020 and 4 million needed in Europe by 2025. 
The project could also generate clean energy like hydropower for heating and solar power for energy. It will be carbon neutral.
Ingles said “In terms of raising sea levels, this is the most resilient form of housing because it moves with the water. It’s the only building type that will never flood.”
The project is expected to see of a wave of similar ideas and replicas across Europe, due to its sustainable nature and capability to utilise space. 

Containers used for student housing

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