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Denmark have caught the high-speed fever

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It seems like most countries in the world are building high-speed trains at the minute, you can also now add Denmark to that list. The northern European country have begun laying the tracks for their first high speed train, which will operate on a route of 60km connecting the cities of Copenhagen and Ringsted, a route that is prone to high levels of traffic. 
The train will be able travel along the electrified route at speeds of up to 250km/h and are part of the Danish government’s One Hour Model, a plan to bring the country’s four biggest cities – Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg – to within one hour of each other by train.
Hired by government agency Banedanmark, Netherlands-headquartered firm Strukton Rail fired up a 300-m-long track-laying machine, operated by an Italian team, on 1 November.
Running on rails, the machine will lay nearly 2km of track every day between now and May 2017, after which the electrification and signalling systems will be installed, trackside sound barriers will be built, and testing begun.

Upon completion of this line, the government will then proceed with the construction of a line from Odense to Ringsted, this project is set to be started in 2020. This journey will reduce the current 75 minute train ride between Odense and Copenhagen to just 1-hour.

Denmark have caught the high-speed fever

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