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EU’s tallest tower to be built

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British architect company Foster + Partners has completed the design of what will become the tallest tower in the EU, a 310m office tower. The building is going to be constructed in Warsaw, Poland, and will be completed by 2020. 
The building will be 53-storeys and will be just one foot taller than the Shard in London, which is the current tallest building in the EU. It will become the tallest building in Europe outside of Russia, which in Moscow, lays claim to the 3 biggest buildings on the continent – Federation Tower, OKO and Mercury City Tower.
Designed for Slovakian real estate developer HB Reavis the tower will be part of their building complex that will contain 1.5 million sqft of office and residential space. The building is going to be named ‘Varso Place’ and has the target audience of large Polish and International corporations. It will also be home to one of the largest co-working centers in Warsaw.
The tower will be the first in the Polish capital to rise higher that the Communist-era Palace of Culture and Science, that has been the city’s tallest building since its completion in 1955. Planning for the building has been approved and construction began in December 2016 with the final handover scheduled for 2020. 

Pavel Trenka, CEO of HB Reavis Group, said: “We are extremely proud that our flagship development in Warsaw will bring together HB Reavis’ extensive real estate experience and the innovative designs of world-renowned Foster + Partners, working alongside Hermanowicz Rewski Architects.

EU’s tallest tower to be built

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