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How is commutator used in DC motor and AC motor ?

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Commutator is one of important parts of the DC motor and AC motor .It is also one of the most important, serious complicated component in motor manufacturing process . 

Therefore it has much value significance to choose commutator structure, materials and the scientific design and strict execution process, which ensure the the quality of motor manufacturing, 

safe running and prolong service life .


How is commutator used in DC motor and AC motor ?



 Commutator should bear the comprehensive effect of voltage, centrifugal force and thermal stressduring motor operating. But it does not allow any tiny deformation of commutator which 

should have a high wear resistance, arcresistance, heat resistance and reliable insulation performance.

 Because the commutator is consist of many segmented copper bar , mica sheets and metal material (or plastic) fastener, it has high and strict requirements on design , precise and accuracy of 

processing . the electrical and physical properties of the used materials must be in conformity with the rules and the manufacturing process and  parameters of the commutator must be reasonable. 

There are two kind of commutator which are used in DC motor commutator more: segmented commutator and hook commutator. Due to the hook commutator ‘s blades only bear one force, 

there exist a gap between the outerpressing core and bladed ,high capacity and reliable structure,it is more popular and widely used .

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