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How to improve processing quality and efficiency

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5 Axis Machining, as the name suggests, is a mode of CNC machining. The linear interpolation movement of any 5 coordinates among X, Y, Z, A, B, and C is adopted. The machine tool used for five-axis machining is usually called a five-axis machine tool or a five-axis machining center. Five-axis machining is a weapon that greatly improves the quality and efficiency of machining, but do you really understand five-axis machining?

The development of five-axis technology

For decades, it has been widely believed that five-axis CNC machining technology is the only method for processing continuous, smooth, and complex curved surfaces. Once people encounter unsolvable problems in the design and manufacture of complex curved surfaces, they will seek five-axis machining technologies. but…..

Five-axis linkage CNC is the most difficult and widely used technology in CNC technology. It integrates computer control, high-performance servo drive and precision machining technology, and is used for efficient, precise and automated machining of complex curved surfaces. Internationally, the five-axis linkage numerical control technology is regarded as a symbol of the automation technology level of a country’s production equipment. Due to its special status, especially its important influence on the aviation, aerospace, and military industries, as well as its technical complexity, Western industrialized countries have always implemented the five-axis CNC system as a strategic material to implement an export license system and impose an embargo on my country. , Restrict the development of my country’s national defense and military industry.

Compared with CNC machining with three-axis linkage,

From the perspective of process and programming, five-axis processing manufacturers

The five-axis CNC machining of complex curved surfaces has the following advantages:

  •  (1) Improve processing quality and efficiency
  •  (2) Expand the process range
  •  (3) Meet the new direction of composite development

But haha, but again. . . Due to interference and the position and attitude control of the tool in the machining space, the five-axis CNC machining has much more complicated CNC programming, CNC system and machine tool structure than the three-axis machine tool. Therefore, Alloy Wiki believes that the five-axis is easy to say, but it is really difficult to realize it! In addition, it is really harder to operate well!

Five-axis machining manufacturer’s future intelligent trend of five-axis machining machine tools

There will be great changes in the control mode and human-machine interface of smart equipment. With the improvement of network performance such as WiFi broadband and Bluetooth short-range communication, network-based mobile control methods such as tablets, mobile phones and wearable devices will become more and more popular. . The time-advanced touch screen and multi-touch graphical man-machine interface will gradually replace buttons, switches, mouse and keyboard. People, especially young people, have become accustomed to the operation of smart electronic consumer products. They can react quickly, switch screens, upload or download data, which greatly enriches the content of human-computer interaction and significantly reduces the misoperation rate.

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