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The spirit of Japanese craftsman, precision machining 0.003 mm, what is the concept?

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When it comes to ultra-precision processing technology, we always remember such a few countries, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and so on.

Among them, the impression that Japan gives us is that it will always study a technology to the extreme, and go to the extreme in details, which is what we call the craftsman spirit. Japan’s MinebeaMitsumi Company (Minebea Mitsumi Group) is a company that has won the Guinness World Record for “the world’s smallest commercial steel ball bearing”. They use this Guinness World Record to make the world’s smallest commercial steel ball bearing. How small is it recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest fingertip spinning top in the world?

It is simply amazing, it is only 5.09 mm in size, but it took the company’s 8-person team 60 days to complete it. It is estimated that it took 2 months because that bearing keeps dropping?

Even if it is accidentally eaten, its size is estimated to disappear into the vast liquid with excrement.

If you think this is cruel enough, the following one will surprise you again. There is also a Korang Jun Kono in Japan, they are the world’s smallest manufacturer of surgical needles. How fine is the thinnest? It is only 0.03 mm, and the thread used to suture the wound is only 0.012 mm in diameter.

At this time, you may have questions. Wouldn’t such a thin surgical needle be broken? No, no, it is cut, stretched and sharpened from a special stainless steel material, and each process is processed through strict production. It can do microsurgery, which was impossible before.

If you think this is the end, no, there is. Japan’s National Institute of Materials Research, NIMS, uses ultra-fine processing to actually engrave an N on the mites. How big is the mite? Inexplicably, you feel that there is a place on your body that is itchy, and the mites are no doubt. The mites are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. The top fingertip tops can at least be seen on a solid-color tabletop. The mites only exist in the feeling when you are bitten.

But it was this mite that was invisible to the naked eye, and the National Institute of Materials Research of Japan forcibly engraved a 2μm N on the mouth. Japan’s abnormal precision craftsmanship is truly breathtaking, and the finale is here: the smallest warship model in the world: Yamato.

If you don’t zoom in carefully, you might think it’s just a small wooden thorn, don’t throw it away, it’s very expensive. Zoom in and take a look. In this way, a Yamato ship, not only has the hull, but also the facilities and equipment on the ship are all clearly built. All parts are 3D printed with new nanomaterials. The whole ship is only 0.5mm in length, and the cannon on the ship is only 0.003mm. What is the concept? Just really control it to accurately eliminate the mites on your body. . .

Guess how to assemble it, it was pieced together bit by bit by looking at the electron microscope with a sophisticated mechanical arm.

Japan’s precision processing technology is really abnormal to horrific…

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