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The doorway of fast/medium/slow “wire walking”

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Good materials + good craftsmanship + good machine tools = really awesome! Today’s alloy wiki shared with you why the video on the Internet is so precise. Some people may say that it’s nothing remarkable. We can also make it. It is processed by slow-moving wire and cut inside and outside separately. The accuracy is 0.002mm-0.003mm. Some people say that this actually requires high accuracy and requires very good technology to be processed.

So, what exactly is this principle? Today, the precision machining manufacturer will talk about the doorway of fast/medium/slow “wire walking”.

Slow wire processing is a kind of wire cutting, which uses EDM to corrode ~ wire cutting is divided into fast wire, medium wire and slow wire!

  • 1) Fast-moving wire for precision processing manufacturers: reciprocating use, high processing speed and low precision. Molybdenum wire for fast-moving wire is abrasion-resistant and conductive.
  • 2) Wire walking in precision machining factories: Between fast wire walking and slow wire walking, the processing speed is slow and the precision is high, but it can be used reciprocatingly. Also use molybdenum wire. However, neither of these two types can meet the accuracy requirements of the aforementioned workpieces.
  • 3) Slow wire walking by precision processing manufacturers: Copper wire is used as electrode, processing speed is slow, and the precision is extremely high, which can reach the level of 0.001mm.

Why are precision processing manufacturers high precision?

  • 1. Slowly walking the wire moves in one direction, and it is discarded after walking. The wire electrode itself has always maintained high precision!
  • 2. Slow wire walking is very slow, almost no jitter!
  • 3. The entire workpiece is completely immersed in deionized water, there will be no processing oxidation!

No wonder the slow-moving wire processing can be so high-precision, but the cost is also quite high!

Some netizens asked: The accuracy of the slow-moving wire is 0.001mm? I have seen the smallest diameter of copper wire 0.08mm?

The workpiece is of course not processed at once, processed separately, and then assembled.

Advantages of fast-moving wire processing technology

As the name suggests, fast wire processing is named because the electrode wire runs at high speed during the cutting process. The fast-moving wire processing machine tool is a unique electrical processing machine tool in my country. After decades of continuous improvement and development, it has now become an important processing method in the manufacturing industry. Precision processing manufacturers can meet the requirements of middle and low-end mold processing and other complex parts manufacturing, and occupy a considerable weight in the middle and low-end market.

Advantages of middle wire processing technology

Medium-speed Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining (Medium-speed Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining, abbreviated as MS-WEDM), belongs to the category of reciprocating high-speed wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining. It is used to achieve multiple cuts on high-speed reciprocating wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining. Function, commonly known as “middle wire cutting”. The so-called middle wire processing does not mean that the wire speed is between high and low speed, but a compound wire cutting machine tool, that is, the principle of wire feeding is to use high-speed (8-12m/s) wire feeding during rough machining and fine machining. Low-speed (1-3m/s) wire feeding is adopted, so that the work is relatively stable and the jitter is small, and the error caused by material deformation and molybdenum wire loss is reduced through multiple cuttings, so that the processing quality is relatively improved, and the processing quality can be between high-speed Between the wire machine and the low-speed wire machine. Therefore, what users call “medium wire” by precision machining manufacturers is actually a reciprocating wire EDM wire cutting machine that draws on the processing technology of some low-speed wire machines, and realizes streak-free cutting and multiple cutting.

Advantages of slow-moving wire processing technology

Precision, complex, long-life stamping die manufacturing accuracy and surface quality requirements continue to improve, fast-moving wire processing technology can no longer meet the manufacturing requirements of precision molds, this status quo has promoted the rapid development of slow-moving wire processing technology, and its various process indicators It has reached a very high level and is irreplaceable by other processing technologies.


As the society’s demand for product diversification has become stronger for precision processing manufacturers, the proportion of multi-variety, small and medium-sized batch production has increased significantly. The use of traditional ordinary processing equipment for medium-wire processing has been difficult to meet the requirements of high-efficiency, high-quality, and diversified processing. However, the middle wire processing has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and low consumption, so it also has room for survival. Compared with fast-moving wire processing machine tools, precision machining manufacturers’ slow-moving wire processing machine tools have obvious advantages in terms of processing efficiency, precision, and surface quality. Although the price of slow-moving wire processing machine tools is more expensive, with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, it will be more and more used in various processing fields.

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