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Limited Supply of Iron Ore for Bhilai Steel Plant

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Bhilai Steel Plant, India’s largest integrated steel plant, has got its supply of iron ore from Dalli Rajhara’s mines over the last 50 years. Dalli Rajhara, a municipality that is also an industrial city, is located in Chhattisgarh and it is a part of the Rajhara group of mines. Iron ore mined in this area is of two types: hematite and magnetite. Other mines in the area contain varieties such as dolomite, lime and other raw materials that are essential for the production of steel.

From 50 years ago, when it had an immense amount of natural resources and dense forests, the town has come a long way. Industrialization and urbanization have led to the entire area being surrounded by iron ore dust. This has resulted in water shortage for neighboring villages and in wells disappearing, therefore lowering the water level in the area and common bird species have drastically decreased.

Limited Supply of Iron Ore for Bhilai Steel Plant

The Chhattisgarh government decided to take measures after realizing the impact of mining activities on the environment to withdraw iron ore from a neighboring mine in Rowghat. A railway line is now being extended, but this has its own issues of pollution and emission of air contaminants. Mining has far-reaching effects not only on climate change and natural resources but also on society. 

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