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“Open your eyes” and meet the future

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Driven by innovation, with openness and integration, meeting the future is not an unattainable dream

Electric cars can be seen everywhere on the street, but have you ever driven a car that uses hydrogen fuel cells? I have used a lot of various masks, but have you used 3D printed masks that can be customized according to each person’s face? LED lights have long become a necessity in life, but have you seen LED lights that can “transform” into wireless communication nodes? In the various exhibition halls of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), fresh products are everywhere.

“What is surging in the stadium is the innovation factor.” Talking about the first impression of the CIIE, a media colleague commented. In interviews, “eye-opening” is a high-frequency word that can often be heard. Even the staff of the exhibitors, seeing such a dazzling array of products, seeing so many concentrated displays of cutting-edge products, can’t help but go shopping around during the shift.

Decoding these “eye-opening” products, innovation is the most important element behind them. From electric stoves with energy-saving, environmental protection, and safety functions, to five-axis linkage vertical machining centers that can achieve micron-level processing accuracy, innovation is an inevitable one in all kinds of products. Key words.

If it is said that those novel “sharp goods” bring us a visual shock, then the emergence of “old faces” brings a deep conceptual impact.

In the medical equipment and medicine and health care exhibition area, many people were surprised to find that the former film “giant”, Japan’s Fujifilm, appeared here. A medical product it exhibited combines artificial intelligence technology with traditional image cnc machining. It can “read” CT images through artificial intelligence to help doctors diagnose the condition. The film manufacturer that was once considered “dead” has now become a provider of “frontier medical”. The comparison of Fujifilm’s past and present has subverted our stereotypes and provided an important reference for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. It can be said that behind the “eye-opening” lies innovation.

As the saying goes, the insider looks at the doorway, and the outsider looks at the excitement. For “bystanders”, the various innovative products at the CIIE may bring more novel experiences and imaginations of the future, but for buyers from all over the world, what they see is development. Opportunity.

“The CIIE is a’sensor’ for insight into advanced technology.” Some purchasers used a vivid metaphor to describe this “unusual” platform. But the colleague next to him saw something else, thinking that the “sensor” only talks about one aspect, and he believes that it should be called a “sensor”. Because, through the CIIE, domestic companies can not only open their eyes and appreciate the world’s advanced technologies, but also “bring in” these advanced technologies through procurement transactions. It not only has the meaning of “sense”, but also has the function of “passing”. Take his strength and use it for my development; buy what I need to strengthen his vitality. This is precisely the meaning of trade.

At the CIIE booth, many staff members all mentioned one thing in an interview: These sophisticated products entered China in a very short period of time for customs clearance. The “Taurus” gantry milling, the largest exhibit of “Taurus” at the Expo, took less than two minutes from submitting customs clearance materials to completing customs review and release. If the door is not opened, and there is no convenient channel for cooperation and communication, it will be difficult for innovative products to cross the barriers of time and space, let alone “eye-opening” to meet people’s needs. It can be said that behind the “eye-opening” is also openness.

“Here, meet the future!” In the volunteer lounge, such a sentence was written on the wall. This is the feeling of reality and the expectation for the future. Driven by innovation, with openness and integration, meeting the future is not an unattainable dream.

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