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A reefer is a type of inter modal or shipping container used in the import, export or transport of freight or cargo where cold temperatures need to be maintained.  They are rarely, if ever, used in the construction of shipping container homes.

In the transportation compartment industry, the reefer or refrigerated holder part is an exceptionally master territory where usage of the most recent cooling innovation is essential

Nowadays, few individuals know about the advantages that reefers have acquired to society general. Without such innovation, the new create that is sent out the world over would not be a probability.



The biggest advantage is the impact on society of reefer containers is vast, allowing consumers all over the world to enjoy fresh produce at any time of year and experience previously unavailable fresh produce from many other parts of the world.

Markets for tropical fruits, New Zealand lamb, Argentinian beef, for example, would be significantly smaller.

Numerous little nations, along these lines, have come to rely on the reefer holder for a huge segment of their national pay.

An internal refrigeration device s fitted to reefers however most require a different force source to work properly. This can be given from area based electrical focuses, power from a compartment ship or from diesel generators joined to trucks on street ventures.

Cryogenic cooling

Another refrigeration framework infrequently utilized where the excursion time is short is all out misfortune refrigeration, in which solidified carbon dioxide ice (or now and then fluid nitrogen) is utilized for cooling. The cryogenically solidified gas gradually dissipates, and in this way cools the compartment and is vented from it. The holder is cooled for whatever length of time that there is solidified gas accessible in the framework. These have been utilized as a part of railcars for a long time, giving up to 17 days temperature regulation. Whilst refrigerated compartments are not regular for air transport, downright misfortune dry ice frameworks are normally used. These holders have a load which is stacked with strong carbon dioxide and the temperature is managed by a thermostatically controlled electric fan, and the airship cargo adaptations are expected to keep up temperature for up to around 100 hours.

Full size multi-purpose holders furnished with these “cryogenic” frameworks can keep up their temperature for the 30 days required for ocean transport. Since they don’t require an outer force supply, cryogenically refrigerated compartments can be put away anyplace on any vessel that can oblige “dry” (un-refrigerated) sea cargo compartments.

Reefer types and dimensions

The reefer cannot be loaded in double-stack on rail flatcar.

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