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Some Facts You Should Know About Steel Sheet Roofing

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Whether you are building a new structure or renovating an existing structure, you have many options for roofing materials. While asphalt is still the most common choice 

in commercial and residential projects, steel sheet roofing is becoming more popular. Here are some of the advantages of installing steel sheet roof.

1. Rugged and durable

Metal roofs will withstand the test of time, depending on the type of metal you use – tin, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, etc. However, all metal roofs can easily be at 

least twice as long as asphalt roofs, and some durability can even reach more than a hundred years.

2. Safe and stable

Metal roofs are fire resistant, making them one of the safest roof types. However, one issue that has often been asked is the topic of lightning. Sometimes metal roofs are 

considered to be targets in electric storms, but this is not the case. Most buildings with metal roofs are not high enough to be a real target. In addition, buildings with metal 

roofs have grounding wires. This means providing a safe conduit for all lightning strikes, eliminating the possibility of building damage.

3. Cost-effective

Steel metal roofing do cost more money. However, metal roofing is a more affordable option. Metal roofs are usually spent once in a lifetime, while asphalt roofs need to be 

replaced every 15 to 20 years. In addition, metal roofs are usually maintained less often, which also saves you money.

Some Facts You Should Know About Steel Sheet Roofing

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Some Facts You Should Know About Steel Sheet Roofing

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