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The History of Solar Power

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In 1839, a French scientist named Edmund Becquerel, discovered that there is a creation of voltage when a material is exposed to light. It was not until thirty-seven years later that the observance of electrical current when a material was exposed to light occurred.

Eighty years later in 1954, David Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson invented the world’s firs photovoltaic cell. A photovoltaic cell is a cell that converts sunlight into electrical power. This is the foundation of modern day solar power.

Through many advances in technology, solar power is becoming a a top source of sustainable and reliable energy. So how does it work?

Solar power systems, also known as photovoltaic systems, work by using an arrangement of several components. Solar panels, convert photons (particles of sunlight) into electrons of direct current electricity. These electrons then flow out of the solar panels and into and inverter that changes the direct current into alternating current.

The History of Solar Power

An energy meter keeps track of the amount of electricity a solar system produces. The electricity can then be used simultaneously. The excess, or unused electricity, then goes into the energy grid. When it is dark or cloudy and the solar power system is not producing ample electricity, electricy from the grid will be used as normal. The utility bill received after each billing period will consist of the net usage of electricity, along with a credited amount for any excess electricity generated in that given period.

The need for solar power today is becoming more and more abundant. Solar power systems are a reliable way to generate clean electricity and energy. Every day across the globe the sun rises, this ensures reliability and renewability.

Solar power does not generate any global warming related pollution, so solar power is an environmentally friendly way to produce energy. Solar power is not only good for the environment, but is also good for the economy. When compared to other energy generating industries, such as natural gas or coal, solar power produces 2-3 more jobs.

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