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The Importance of Recycled Metals

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Metal is a very broad spectrum with an endless amount of uses. They are essential to our everyday lives and we are continuously surrounded by metal in one way or another. When it comes to metals, there are thousands of types of metals, each serving their own purpose. Products containing metal will most likely contain recycled metals. The most common types of metals that are recycled include aluminum and steel. Other metals including gold and silver are extremely valuable that they are rarely recycled, when helps prevent unnecessary waste.


In order to create the new metals, there is a specific step by step process in doing so:

1.       Collection – this includes collecting the metals that are meant to be recycled. This is a very organized process with designated containers to collect the different metals.

2.       Sorting – during this process, the metals are separated between the recyclable and non-recyclable. Here, the quality of the metal is considered and the quality of future product must match the prior quality of metal.

3.       Processing – in this step, the metals are compacted and squeezed.

4.       Shredding – the processed metal are shredded into small bits or sheets. Smaller pieces take up less energy to melt compared to the larger metals. Typically, steel is converted into blocks while aluminum is converted into sheets.

5.       Melting – this takes place in a furnace that is specifically designed for the properties of the different metals. Recycled metal requires less energy compared to new metal.

6.       Purification – this ensure that the final product does not have any impurities. During purification, metals are passed under powerful magnetic systems to separate the metals from other recyclables.

7.       Solidifying – the processed metal are brought to a cooling chamber to cool and solidify . during this step, the scrap metal are turned into metal that’ll be used again

Metals are transformed into different shapes and sizes and are transported.

The Importance of Recycled Metals


Recycling is a very important habit to practice and has many benefits. First, recycling metal can help preserves natural resources. Metal is extracted through mining and through time, the areas tend to deplete making miners move to different areas. Because of that, the process will begin and more mining sports will start to deplete. Recycling can also help reduce emissions and pollution while also promoting economic development. The money spent on mining and processing metals can be allocated to different sectors that need help. 

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