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Titanium plate glasses plate classification

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The titanium plate used in the spectacle frame is divided into three categories, pure titanium; TC4; And B titanium 15333, pure titanium is divided into soft plate and hard plate, general soft plate is slightly more expensive than hard plate, soft plate is generally required hardness rohs 67- 80; Stamping, the hardness of the plate is generally required to be 90- 97 roux; No stamping, only linear cutting. High-grade glasses frame with 15333 titanium material flexibility is difficult to process.

The advantages of using titanium as frames and frames:

Beta titanium alloy is in the condition of the zero point of titanium delay cooling to complete the beta particles of titanium material, its processing technology higher than that of pure titanium, it is better than pure titanium and titanium alloy other strength, fatigue resistance and environment corrosion resistance, shape plasticity is good, solid solution state, its low modulus of elasticity is about 80 GPa, slightly higher than that of nickel titanium shape memory alloy elastic modulus (around 60 GPa), it has a high elasticity restoring force (that is, the great distance without permanent deformation after bending the arch wire), hardness is low, easy to shape, can form a complicated shape, bending or without fracture. The spectacle frame made up for the lack of elasticity of pure titanium mirror frame and mirror leg, which has good elasticity and memory characteristics, and the processing performance of titanium alloy and excellent welding, the spectacle frame made of it has more shapes and styles, which is the production material of the new generation of glasses. Accordingly, the eyeglasses frame of beta titanium alloy is in euramerican wait for developed country to be being used as a kind of high-grade adornment and a kind of popularity vogue rises. It has been widely used in the production of top-grade titanium glasses frame wire and foot wire.

Titanium plate glasses plate classification

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