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MTSCO 10th anniversary celebration

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China 10th anniversary celebration

To celebrate the 10th Establishment of China, we held a celebration on Dec .21st, 2016. China established in 2006, during 10 years’ development, now becomes a large and professional industrial piping system provider, serving customers from more than 100 countries and regions.


 All of China ’s staff and some suppliers attended the celebration. We divided the development of China into three parts, review of past, corporate culture and Look forward to the future.


First, Cherry Gao, the general manager of China, introduced last ten years’ development of China. Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd(China) established in 2006 with only three members. During the ten years, We have experienced difficulties in starting a business and the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. But we always service for customer sincerely, and constantly expand our team. Today, we have about 30 members. All of us are full of hope for the China’s future.


Second, we commended and rewarded those who made outstanding contributions to China. Cindy Shen, Luvi Zhuang, Mutt Yu, Annie Lu …… They all joined China in the most difficult period, and always fought alongside with each other. THANK YOU ALL LOVELY YOU!

Then, the directors of seven departments introduced our existing system respectively. We divided global market into six parts. One department is responsible to one part. Then, we can know and service for one market more in-depth. China has three goals, focus on customer needs and create value beyond their expectation; help suppliers and develop with them together;help employees grow and achieve their economic freedom. 


Finally, the President of China, Brave Hua introduced our dream of trade. With a passionate and excellent team, and cooperating with high quality suppliers, we can make China bigger and stronger step by step.


Then, we signed with five suppliers which provide stainless steel bright annealed tube, pipe fittings, nickel alloy tube, super long coiled tube and so on. All of them expressed their confidence in our cooperation.

After the meeting, we held a dinner party. All staff and suppliers sat together. We sang songs, played games, ate birthday cake…… The celebration ended in the midst of laughter. China has experienced ten years’ growth which was the most difficult period. The future will be hopeful, successful and powerful. Here, we express our thanks to all our customers and suppliers which have cooperated with us, you made China today.



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