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Tube and pipe bending machines information

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Tube and pipe bending machines are used to bend tubes and pipes to produce finished parts. Tubes are structural, hollow conduits that are used as flow lines for fluids and gases in pneumatic, hydraulic, medical, and process applications. Tubes are measured by their outer diameter and are usually smaller and less rigid than pipes. Pipes are vessels that are used in transport systems for fluids and solids. They generally have a larger diameter and are measured by their inside diameter regardless of the wall thickness. Pipe and tube bending and fabrication equipment is used to perform operations such as bending, swaging, flaring and beading. 

There are seven main types of tube and pipe bending machines, and each operate differently. As described below, the way each machine works depends upon several characteristics.



Tube and pipe bending machines information




There are many different types of tube and pipe bending machines. SMC offers bending machines such as: Pipe Bending Machine, Tube Bending Machine, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine, Plate Bending Rolls, CNC Pipe Threading Lathe, Hydraulic Press Brake, Section Bending Machines. Tube and pipe bending machines also include: coiling equipment, thin-wall bending equipment, booster benders, handrail benders, elbow bender.


Tube and Pipe Characteristics

The characteristics of the tubes and pipes must be considered when selecting a tube and pipe bending machines. These include tube material and shape, both which can affect the type of equipment required.



Many bendable tube and pipes are made from materials such as: aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel alloys, polyvinyl chloride (pvc), plastics, titanium, superalloys



Most tubes and pipes are cylindrical. However, some processes fabricate products with various cross sections including: oval, round, square.

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