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What are the common quality problems of aluminum curtain walls and their prevention measures?

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(1) The board surface is uneven, not vertical, the joints are wide and narrow, and the height is inconsistent

1. Reasons: the horizontal and vertical of the framework are out of tolerance, the elevation is not flat, the installation of the board is out of tolerance, and the holes are misplaced;

2. Prevention measures:

  • Starting from the installation of embedded parts and expansion bolts, it must be carefully operated. When installing the skeleton, pull the wires horizontally and vertically, and the plane should be flat, and then check with theodolite for process acceptance;
  • The positioning of the board and the frame, the drilling must be accurate;
  • When the board is installed, it must not be installed at will, and the installation must be carried out according to the plan and the position of the spring line. Before installation, check the size and shape of the plate, and the installation can be done only if the inspection is correct.

(2) The joints are not tightly sealed, uneven, with bubbles and water seepage.

1, reason:

(1) When caulking, do not use polyethylene foam to block the back of the board. When the sealant is poured with a caulking gun, a certain pressure is not formed, so that the bonding with the board seam is not strong and the seal is not tight;
(2) The operator is unskilled, and the distance between the muzzle and the caulking part is inconsistent during caulking, and the pressure is uneven, resulting in uneven thickness, multiple joints, and air, causing the surface of the sealant to be uneven, with bubbles and Water seepage phenomenon;
(3) Material problem: There is a problem with the quality of silicone sealant.

2, prevention measures:

  • Good material selection and good tool performance;
  • Carefully insert the sealing filler, keep the distance between the filling surface and the board surface the same, and insert the sealant at the same depth, so that the seam is dense and the seam surface is straight;
  • The operator is skilled, and the caulking gun should be kept at a uniform speed and a consistent distance. The air will be removed as soon as it is inserted. If bubbles appear, they will be pierced and flattened with a trowel to remove the air.

(3) The closing treatment is not firm, uneven, and not sealed

1. Reason: At the end of the construction as required, the installation was not meticulous and the method was improper.

2, prevention measures:

  • Make a closing plan before construction, and adopt a reasonable closing plan for different structures and conditions;
  • Strictly operate and master the essentials during installation.

(4) Surface contamination, dents

1, reason:

(1) The protective film was removed too early, and the measures to protect the finished product were improper;
(2) Improper protection of the finished product during the construction of the next process, causing it to hit the board surface.

2, prevention measures:

  • Do not remove the protective film too early, it is better to remove it when removing the scaffolding;
  • Work out feasible protective measures for finished products;
  • Clean up the contaminated area in time and scrub it.

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