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What is the General Use of T2 Copper Plate?

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Speaking of copper sheets, I believe that everyone is relatively strange, it is a copper plate, has good electrical, thermal, corrosion and processing properties, can be welded and brazed. T2 copper plate is a kind of copper plate, and it is also a kind of plate which is widely used at present. Many people don’t know where the T2 copper plate is generally used. Let’s share the general use of T2 copper plate.


1. T2 copper sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, processing and forming properties, weldability, polishing performance and surface treatment properties. It is widely used in electrical and electronic industries. Mainly used in the field of decorative panels, lamps, gaskets, signs, corrosion boards, stampings, busbars, waterstops, anti-static panels.

 What is the General Use of T2 Copper Plate?

2. T2 copper plate has unique and excellent performance. It is an ideal replacement material for circuit breakers, contact conductive plates and low-voltage air switch conductive parts in the electrical industry. The metallographic structure of this product has good grain refinement, and pure copper sheet and Compared with the copper-iron alloy plate, the tensile strength is increased by 10.4%, the hardness is increased by 3%, the conductivity of the copper plate is increased by 4.5%, 2.8% higher than that of the imported alloy sheet, and the wear resistance is significantly improved.


3, containing less conductive, thermal conductivity impurities, traces of oxygen have little effect on conductivity, heat conduction and processing properties, but easy to cause “hydrogen disease”, should not be processed in high temperature (such as > 370 ° C) reducing atmosphere ( Annealing, welding, etc.) and use.


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What is the General Use of T2 Copper Plate?

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